Tuesday, March 13, 2012

but i am le tired

blogger i thought we were friends?
had a week's worth of posts that last time i checked were all safely tucked away as "scheduled" posts. for some reason they are all gone :(
i kind of want to cry. i wrote actual words for this week, not just the lazy picture posts.

i am exhausted and re-doing those posts is so not happening today.

does anyone have any idea if maybe my posts are just hiding somewhere within the blogger dashboard? because i truly am le tired and dont have the brain for this today

xo laura

Friday, March 2, 2012

pinterest, crack for bloggers

has anyone else see the whole put your green onions in water and they regrow themselves on pinterest? well i did and i tried it and it works REALLY well. i put the root, about 2 and half inches worth in a glass of water and they sprung right up in less than a week. since then i decided they are also pretty as well as functional and i have decided to use 3 bud vases to seperate the roots. its awesome, just cut the green portion to use, leave the white root portion in the water and it will continuously grow.
sorry for the garbage pics, i was lazy and used my phone. happy pinning people!