Thursday, January 27, 2011

fuel me

that is the usual count of coffee mugs air drying in my life lately. seriously i was just on vacation and need another break already. this whole being the student and teacher at the same time is exhausting. how do you fuel up?
xo laura

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

loft apartment love

ok so ive lived here since july and have since rearranged furniture but i realised i never posted these pictures from early september when everything was finally in place. my apartment is an open concept loft. the building itself is amazing, once it isnt covered in snow i'll take a picture of the exterior because it is truly breath taking. the bulding is the original teacher's college in this town. it is over 100 years old and still sports the original floors and ceiling, which you can see in the pictures. the chalkboard above the couch was here when i got here and those are the original windows...minorly drafty but because this is an historical building they cannot be touched.

i LOVE the ceilings. they are tin and the most calming colour. the very high ceilings make this apartment feel huge and i love that! i love the green. i love the extensive height. i love the detail. i honestly lay in bed some mornings and find im running late because ive been staring at the ceiling so long!

it's a place that really feels like home. i apparently didnt take pictures of the kitchen or the upstiars loft time im home and it's not dark outside i'll get on that.
xo laura

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to kick the winter blues straight in the groin

now not to complain about the cold again, but really -38 celcius is enough to make the hairs in my nose feel like needles and makes my fingers wanna fall off even though im wearing mitts meant for skiing. wtf mother nature? wtf? soooooo to kick thewinter blues i have come up with the perfect solution, i longingly look at pictures from my trip to cuba and just pretend i am there. see below, just me, the sun, a bubba filled with slushy yumminess and one of my best girls. honestly what more could i want?

and when cuba pictures dont make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside i look at pictures that scream love. like the two below, olivia giving me a kiss, sooooooo wet but omg i love her! and then the break your screen because they are sooooooooooo freakin' cute combination of olivia and ella. ive got some more cute shots from this past weekend, it was my nephew's birthday. they need a little touching up and then they will make an appearance in blogland. so for now, when you're feeling cold or lonely, just come here and take a look. such a happy place :)


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cuban Sandwich

hahaha pic #1: the before, freezing our tails off at the airport in toronto
pic #2: the after, enjoying our last day in the sun

im back from Cuba...tanned like a native and not wanting to get back to reality.
it was a good break, i wish it could have been longer but i am happy to be back at home with my fur baby....however i could do without the freezing temps and damn snow and ice.
ive missed you blogland, i have soooooo much blog reading to catch up on.
xo laura

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Buh-Bye! and some baby cuteness

soooo all those posts i was going to infest your blogrolls with never happened, such is life. forgive me. i wanted to do this one quickly, just to say i didnt forget, ive just been REALLY busy and i only have one more week of vacation left and it's about to CUBA!!!! that's right im leaving the freezing cold land of snow and ice and jetting off for some well deserved and much needed R&R with my two favourite J's. the girlies and i have been counting down for this trip for about 36 sleeps and it's finally here!!!! i'll love on blog land more when i get back, i promise. i pinky swear, cross my heart :) Before i run off here are pics of a baby photo session i did just before christmas....more to come when i return.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

xo Laura