Wednesday, January 26, 2011

loft apartment love

ok so ive lived here since july and have since rearranged furniture but i realised i never posted these pictures from early september when everything was finally in place. my apartment is an open concept loft. the building itself is amazing, once it isnt covered in snow i'll take a picture of the exterior because it is truly breath taking. the bulding is the original teacher's college in this town. it is over 100 years old and still sports the original floors and ceiling, which you can see in the pictures. the chalkboard above the couch was here when i got here and those are the original windows...minorly drafty but because this is an historical building they cannot be touched.

i LOVE the ceilings. they are tin and the most calming colour. the very high ceilings make this apartment feel huge and i love that! i love the green. i love the extensive height. i love the detail. i honestly lay in bed some mornings and find im running late because ive been staring at the ceiling so long!

it's a place that really feels like home. i apparently didnt take pictures of the kitchen or the upstiars loft time im home and it's not dark outside i'll get on that.
xo laura


  1. Those ceilings really are amazing. We're thinking of doing tin ceilings in our basement, this is a great example to convince the Mr!

  2. so pretty! love thoser gorgeous ceilings!