Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am not dead....almost but not quite

so i realise i have m.i.a. for over a month, my sincerest apologies. i know you missed my charm and humour but trust me i have good reasons to have gone missing.

first off let me just say that i have just about had it with my students. teaching high school is A LOT of work, and im not talking about lesson planning, im talking about how many times i have to say "stop touching each other", "hands in your own laps", "desks are not for making castles", "no i cannot do you a solid, use proper english!", "please stop using the word 'legit' in your assignments, it's not an actual word!!!!" and then i loose my voice, get sick and want to crawl in a hole and die. why are teenagers so damn needy? i feel like the mother of 96 teenagers, im gonna get grey hair damnit!!!! get grey hair and then crawl in a hole and die.

and speaking of dying, if the northern part of ontario could slow the eff down with the ice and snow id really appreciate it. everyday i get on the hwy and think to myself what's the first thing i should do if my car lands in the ditch, and the first thing will be curse mother nature and her evil snow and ice ways. and it's cold. so damn cold. like -32 degrees celcius is NOT okay. i know, i know, i live in canada this is normal. no friends it's not because those fuckers 2 hours south of me can still see their frozen brown grass. im just asking for a little warmth. or if the snow could stop being packing snow and causing my car to be constantly stuck in the parking lot and driveway after the plow has been by, that would suffice. and by fuckers i mean my darling family and friends who dont live near me who havent had the pleasure of a winter up here.

enough complaining, i am PPPPPUUUMMPPPEEDDD to get blogging again, i have some great photos to share, managed to get in a photo session with a family in a nearby town not too long ago and it went fab-u-lous-ly!! oh so much to share and such little time. im gonna get back on the posting wagon in a few days....i have much work to do for school but after that you're gonna be so sick of seeing my blog name roll up to the top in your blog roll so get ready folks!

here are a few snapshots from this past weekend. a little sammy bam playing in the snow and the christmas tree. dont mind the gash on sam's head, little punk thought it'd be a genius idea to climb on top the counter and jump....he's fine, in a lot of trouble, but just fine. oh and i didnt edit these, no time!!!!
xo Laura

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