Monday, August 1, 2011

To do...

arent my pink rainboots amazing? i happily stared at them while i had my feet up waiting for a client to arrive for photo session. i am editing those pics later and a sneak peak will be up soon.

also on my to do list, having nothing to do with photography, is re-vamp the bathroom. ive never realllllly liked it, it's the colours that i dislike so im doing a little tweaking for a completely different look with a budget of $0. yes you read that correctly, i said ZERO dollars. stay tuned to see me work some magic.

also on the to do list is finally spray paint the hardware on the furniture downstairs, paint the coffee table/ottoman tray, shorten the coffee table/ottoman legs and antique a new (free) side table as i have sold my other ones.

just listing that made me tired. nap time.


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