Friday, June 25, 2010

hello, good mornin'

here's how EVERY morning should start:

waking up to bright sunshine, which is especially nice considering this week in one day i witnessed an earthquake, a thunderstorm and then a tornado. not only is the sun shining but i woke up BEFORE that terrible beeping sound starting pouring out of my alarm. now on any other day i'd be very late right now, but today is not an ordinary day, today is a zoo day!!!

yes my love for elephants extends to my love for the zoo, but not just any zoo, it has to be the BOWMANVILLE ZOO, which is the oldest privately owned zoo in Canada. My baby (the rebel) hasn't had a trip to the zoo yet and i cant wait to exhaust my memory card there today. also tagging along will be my wonderful nieces and nephews; Isaiah, Liam, Olivia and Ella. the zoo could be without animals today and i dont think i'd care, i love those little ones.
this wonderful morning is going to get better because i will have some form of caffeine in my hand within the hour, preferably from tim hortons or if im lucky starbucks. and maybe my pastey self will get some colour today.
enjoy your day everyone!
im off to hug the sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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