Monday, September 6, 2010

Colin & Justin's Home Heist

yep, it's a real picture. i got to chat, joke and meet with two of the most high-larious interior design icons of HGTV....Colin and Justin!
and let me tell you, they are funnier in person. my abs were killing me and my face hurt from the constant giggle turned laughing squeal. they were ah-mazingly kind and super cute and i got their new Home Heist Style Guide book and they signed it :)
in case you're confused im the short one :)
check out their show, it kicks ass!!! oh and these boys recently acquired dual-citizenship...that's right they are now certified Canadians!!!!!!!
kind of makes me wanna go out and eat poutine and watch a hockey game.
no seriously...cutting short, it's poutine time!!!