Monday, September 6, 2010

1 comments and my sweet nieces

does that drive anyone else crazy? when it says: 1 comments. now i know im not one for punctuation but at least i make sense! i might have to contact blogger and pull out my teacher self on them. it would be 1 comment people, not 1 commentS
on to cuter things in life...

it was my birthday last week and my cousin, over at SweDaisy Spaces also celebrated her birthday just 2 days after i did, so our family had a small bbq to celebrate. we had tons of entertainment...the kids. my nieces are ADORABLE!!! i think my nephews will get their own post because these girlies deserve the spotlight for a moment.
olivia was all about trying to eat ella and well ella wasnt keen on olivia gumming her or the cameras in her face...but the picture is still cute!
miss olivia made some very commical faces while she was splashing around:
my darling ella looked FABULOUS in her elephant sun hat!
it was such a beautiful day with beautiful people! hard to beleive how nice it was outside considering how cold it was this weekend!

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