Sunday, August 29, 2010

baby shower bliss

i guess more like baby sprinkle bliss
you see my niece, Ella, is the second baby, her older brother Liam got the full shebang of a shower when he was born, but because we wanted to celebrate the anticipation little Ella's arrival the girls and i decided we needed a know a little smaller than a shower :)
now this sprinkle was months ago and now miss Ella is here!!! but it was soooo cute and pretty that i thought id share a few snapshots from that day. it was awesome! all the women in my family coming together to celebrate the impending arrival of a baby girl!

(the last picture is of Olivia...she was the most recent point winner for the girls up until Ella's arrival. My nieces are soooooo cute! i need to find a recent picture of Ella, she has changed so much in the past few weeks)

fyi the girls are beating the boys in my family :)

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  1. Great post. I love the first three pictures. I know you are super busy now, but if you get a chance when you look through your pictures can you let me know if you got any good ones of my family from Sunday. All the ones on my camera seem to have someone not looking, not smiling or it's just didn't work. Thnx.