Friday, August 27, 2010

a little before and after

so about two months ago i completed this coffee table turned ottoman and just realised i still hadnt posted it! truth is i have HUNDREDS of pictures and post ideas that i havent done yet and now that school is in full swing (holy crap grad school is time consuming!) im feeling a little crushed that i wont have time to post but we'll see how it goes.

so the quick breakdown is that i needed an ottoman for my new place and it needed to be either free or dirt cheap, ummm hi im a student :)

sooooo i got this amazing charcoal colored fabric from my employer, she bought it years ago and had been keeping it for a project that just wasnt going to happen so she let me have it! it reminds me of men's pants. the table, aka the base for the ottoman was a goodwill find, it needed a good clean and a screw or two. the paint was lent by my cousin, and so was the batting. i purchased the table (obviously cheap) and the foam, which was cut to size for only $30! considering how big it is and the fact i asked for 3in foam i'd say 30 bucks is beyond reasonable. so very quickly what i did was sand the whole table, just to get the grime off and give myself a surface that paint could stick to. i knew i wanted a distressed finished, and i knew i wanted the base white but i also knew i didnt want the distressed part to be brown, so i used black spray paint to give the table a very light coat and then once that was dried i gave it a couple coats of white, again using spray paint, it makes the finish a bit more even. the foam/fabric part was simple, just make it like a sandwich and be sure to use batting, it keeps the fabric from moving.
ive noticed ive been a bit of a rambler in previous posts so im going to shut up now and just let the pictures speak for themselves! im going to do a post later on about a round ottoman i did for my sister and two chair re-cover jobs that look AMAZING!

Cheers blogland!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog , that table is way cute , nice score .