Monday, August 23, 2010

just going to take a minute and let it slide

ive had a rough freakin' day

started out with bathing my cat. NOT fun. followed by a car ride with a freshly bathed cat, who HATES BATHS AND CAR RIDES. Spice, my fur child, freaked me out the entire drive, she started to heavily pant. cats ARENT supposed to pant. and she literally looked like she couldnt breathe, i knew the car ride was going to be at least an hour and a bit (i was finally moving her to my new place) and so i pulled over several times to calm her down and make sure she was still ACTUALLY breathing. we got to our destination, i got her out of the car and inside as fast as humanly possible and within 20 minutes she had stopped panting and was checking out her new surroundings, mean while i was frantically googling what it means when your cat pants and things like "respiratory failure" kept popping up. i called the vet and she explained that panting sometimes happens when cats are stressed out. so i finally calmed down as i realised it was clearly the bath and car ride. it was just odd because she has been in the car numerous times and has had quite a few baths in her long lifetime and has never once panted.

so that was shitastic event number 1, moving right along.

when i got home i noticed a puddle on the ground, at first i thought ms spice had an accident but upon further investigation i realised it was water and appeared to be coming from under the fridge, i cleaned it up and went about my buisness unpacking. after about 15 minutes when i returned to the kitchen i noticed the puddle had returned. i thought at first it was just condensation but that wouldnt create two huge puddles and then i realised the fridge wasnt making ANY noise. i opened it up and immediately wished i hadnt. everything was ruined and enter shitastic event #2: my fridge was dead. i called the superintendent and he is working on getting someone out to look at it. i was VERY clear with him that i either need a new fridge or this one needs to be fixed by tomorrow night NO EXCEPTIONS. ive learnt that being a single female living on my own i need to be direct and firm. and i cant be without a fridge, part my new not eating any garbage deal is that literally all of my food is perishable and is in the fridge, i literally have nothing in a box or can so without a fridge i am without food.

so after the cat and fridge ordeal i decided that things had to perk up, i met up with two friends for coffee and we chatted and laughed till we were all teary eyed messes.

when i got home i decided i should put on a load of laundry. now i have not done laundry in my buliding yet, ever since ive been here ive just taken a load with me when i go to my sister's or aunt's house but i wont be going to either for awhile, enter shitastic event #3.

laundry went down as follows:

-i threw the dirty clothes in a reuseable grocery bag, grabbed the detergent, my keys, my phone and ran downstairs
-loaded the machine with the clothes and poured in the soap
-i then realised i had forgotten quarters, so i ran back up stairs and grabbed my pouch with just quarters (ive been setting them aside for laundry)
- run back downstairs and spend 10 minutes trying to jam the quarters in the machine only to realise it only uses loonies. shit.
-run back upstairs to discover i dont have a single loonie, so i grab my wallet and keys and phone and run out to the car and drive to convenience store
-get to the store and politely ask the woman behind the counter for 2 loonies as i hand her a toonie, she proceeds to yell at me and argue in god knows what language, after what felt like an eternity she drops two loonies on the counter, i scooped them up, thanked her and ran back out to my car and zoomed home
-i get back to my apartment, run downstairs and pop in the loonies and the machine swishes to a start

yes i know what you're thinking, doesnt sound too bad....but im not finished

-i proceed to grab the grocery bag, throw in the detergent, my keys, my phone and wallet, run back up the stairs only to realise the lid wasnt on the bottle and now everything is covered in detergent. fighting back tears at this point.
-i frantically fish out my blackberry and immediately wipe it off, all the while cursing and fighting back tears of frustration
- i clean everything up and quickly test out my phone, it's okay minus the ringing and notification sound is a bit off, kind of muffled, but the ear piece is fine and so is the battery, thank God!
-i sit down to reflect on the craziness and i am about to start laughing about it all when i open my mail to discover ive received my very first electricity bill that has a surprise $200 security deposit charge. fml.

-at this very moment, i hear my hot aussie neighbour and the girl, whom i had thought was his sister, from the other side of the wall. i have made a mental note to inform him tomorrow that his bedroom wall is VERY thin and maybe they should move their bed to the other side of the room

-then i just sat there half laughing hysterically half crying because really what else could happen.

so i think i need to take a minute to breathe, maybe have a glass of wine and then go to bed and pray that this day was just a nightmare and i'll wake up tomorrow to a better day. for now im just going to look at the below pictures that i took of a bunch of roses i picked up a couple weeks ago for just $6!!! a good flower deal always makes me happy.

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  1. FML!!!!

    I can't stop laughing.

    Milo did the panting thing in the car ride from our house to my parents when we went to Thailand. I had it worse, he also peed in his carrier and threw up on the floor of the car.

    Note to you - stick to doing laundry when you are at someone's house and give them the 8 quarters.

    The fridge, all I can say to that is thank goodness Pizza Hut delivers.

    Love you,