Monday, February 21, 2011

i liked it

last weekend i had my adorable nephew isaiah over for the entire weekend....and i liked it

i mean he's clearly adorable, he got along fabulously with the spicey lady

and i will admit i liked having toys all over the place, and i didnt even mind the sticky fingers or size 3T boxer briefs on the bathroom floor :)

my guy, sammy bam, thoroughly enjoyed isaiah's visit because it meant he had a buddy for the weekend and boy did they play hard

my handsome guys:

don't mind that snow on sam's head, his new thing is crash landing EVERYWHERE, apparently snowhills are included in his "must crash land here" list. no broken bones yet but he did get that gash on his head from a few posts back from a "super awesome cool dude" crash's just a phase right?
soooooo maybe that whole marriage and baby thing isnt a bad idea afterall? i mean as long as no one is moving my wine or touching my camera i think i could handle it. baby steps people, baby steps.
xo laura

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  1. Yes please for the pic. We did speak about grey and yellow at Winners. The nook has now been converted to a play area for Olivia. I'm focused on our master bedroom. I sent in an email to Steven and Chris and today they replied on air. It was great. Now that I have a solid direction and K is on board it's operation complete bedroom before Mat Leave return - Yikes!

    Take care,