Wednesday, February 23, 2011

workaholic or something like that

so the other night im sitting here just marking quizzes, and as per usual the tv is on but i have no idea what show is on as it is there purely for background noise, and i can hear spice's bell as she's pacing behind me at the window watching squirrels like it's her job. and i realise after a while i no longer hear her bell, i turn around and she's not there. what the?! i called her name and she let out a classic spice meow that actually sounds like she's saying "mum", and the "mum" came from right beside me, so i look down and here's what i found:

now that would be the bag that i haul to and from school and it's generally full of items that need to be marked. and i know that when i leave in the morning with that bag i am gone for, what probably seems like, forever to my little fur baby! i leave when it's barely light outside and get home when it's pitch black and im always in and out of that bag. i think she thought if she was inside she could come along?

im going to make a conscious effort this week to come home's not my fault. im always half way out of the staff room and then questions start: oh hey did you give your kids this? do you have a copy of that? what are you doing with your grade 10's tomorrow? have you seen this book? did you speak to this student? did you call this parent? and then i proceed to answer those questions and slide out the door and i think im home free buuuutt noooo there has to be a student still wandering in the halls, "Madame D, do we really have to do that for homework?" no ______, i like to waste my oxygen and tell you have homework when you dont really. and then by the time i make it to my car i realise how late it is and argue with myself as i leave the parking lot about cooking dinner and then end up grabbing some form of meal that only requires me to lower my window and open a paper bag....ugghhhh dear God, please add 8 more hours to each day, kthxbai!

so yea i finally get home and the little spicey lady is all "mum, mum, mum, muuuummm" and im all move i need to inhale this deep fried garbage so i can start marking and lesson planning as i pretend to have a life and half ass watch wheel of fortune and jeopardy.

dont worry, the spicey lady has been sitting in my lap the entire time ive been writing this. she's pretty great, im all kinds of crazy love when it comes to my fur baby.

happy hump day blogland! hurry the eff up weekend!!!!

xo laura

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