Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spray Paint 101

in an attempt to create a new backdrop for newborn photo sessions, my gracious cousin Lisa (From SweDaisy) gave me this left over board from a reno at her house. perfect size, perfect detail minus it really needed some paint.
now in case you are confused about the above photo. that would be said board prepped and ready for spray painting...in my bath tub.
heres the problem with my ah-mazing loft, i do not have my own outdoor space. sure this building has about an acre of green space for kids and animals alike to enjoy but spray painting projects not so much. not to mention it's damn cold outside.
back to regular blogging. i have a few things to get off my chest. blog world get ready for my over sharing with the internet.
does anyone have spray painting tips? i mean this was fine, white paint, white tub, even a small accident will be fine buuuuut what happens when i go all petervegas in my spray paint world. lime green paint and my bath tub will not mix.
paint and love

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