Tuesday, July 6, 2010

coming up white and green

i havent always had the greenest thumb, which some people may not believe considering i come from a long line of green thumbers. yep im making up words now :)
as you can see from the first two pictures below my "chicks and hens" (im sure this plant has an official plant name but i could care less) were looking a little brown, a little sad and a little on the oh my God im killing them side!!!!! my aloe vera plant was also struggling, the ends kept turning brown and the plant itself was half the size it used to be. i wasnt quite sure what the problem might be, so i consulted a professional...my dad. he said because the pots i was using didnt have anywhere for excess water to drain i was drowning the plants! he also told me it was an easy fix, buy new pots or add some drainage. DONE AND DONE.

i rounded up some supplies, new pots, on sale of course, new potting soil, river rock from the dollar store, gloves, and a few gardening tools to snip the brown parts and dig up the dirt.

the first thing i needed to do was address the pots that did not have a hole for drainage at the bottom, i used the river rock and a smaller gravel like rock to create the drainage for the bottom of the pot and opted to put the aloe plant in a bigger pot.

i added the new potting soil, put in each plant and mounded more soil around it.
and as you can see below, i clearly made a mess in the process...so typical!

i also increased the number of chicks and hens. its been 2 weeks since ive done this mini indoor garden project and the aloe plant already has new leaves and the chicks and hens have new baby plants! things are looking up, i cant wait to move these new pots to their new home in a week or two. im still preparing for my move, part 1 will commence tomorrow , let's hope that my moving goes as well as my gardening did.

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