Wednesday, July 21, 2010

shake your money maker

standing in line at subway today, little guy, probably age 3, told his grandma (or at least im assuming it was his grandma) that the line was moving slowly, she asked him to be patient. you could see that he thought about what she said and then tugged on the shirt of the lady infront of them and promptly told her to shake her money maker. the grandma, looking mortified apologised to the woman and gave the little guy an evil stare. what did i do...started humming "shake your money maker", as in the terrible r&b, rap, whatever you wanna call it song. and i was laughing hysterically. grandma not impressed, little guy gave me the thumbs up.

on a side note, phase one of my move is done, which included the aunt pack deep clean and kitchen move in. what a day that was! my aunt pack, aka my mom's sisters and sister-in-law rounded up every cleaning product known to man kind and gave this place a scrub down...pretty sure you could lick the toilet bowl. and my cousin helped delegate and organise desk and bar chair construction that was being played out by my uncles. and of course my oh-so-adorable niece Olivia kept us entertained with her cuteness.
so blessed to have had all the help from my family.
and because i havent uploaded the moving pics yet, i leave you with a shot of Otis, because he's cute and everyone needs a little cuteness in their day.

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  1. Fantastic photo L, you really have an eye for photography. I love the "omition" in your post...bahahaha

    Take Care,