Thursday, May 26, 2011

watch the wind blow by

i love me some timmy. tim mcgraw that is.

creek goes ripplin' by

i've been barefoot and all day with my baby

brown leaves have started falling

leading the way

i like it best just like this

doing nothin' all the way

so let's lay down in the tall grass

dreamin' away

all i wanna do is let it be and be with you

and watch the wind blow by

i think you get the idea....seriously go listen to it on youtube, if i knew how to attach a link i would

a few weekends ago sammy and i were at the farm messing around with my camera and we ended up with this shot:

it pretty captured the essence of my daily happiness, rolling grass at the farm, sammy is sitting on my lap, you can see both mine and sammy's feet, nelly right at foot enjoying the sunshine, otis keeping watch in the distance and a little john deere action bc it wouldn't be a country shot without it right?

makes me smile.

xo laura

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