Friday, May 27, 2011

grade 7

i recently had the opportunity to take a break from teaching energetic grade 10-12's to teaching energetic grade 7's. it was a riot. i dont think ive laughed that hard. ever. i felt like there should have been a camera in the classroom so i could broadcast the daily happenings on tv. at the age of twelve they were so innocent, in their thoughts and in their words....either making way for a good giggle or a trip to the principal's office.

despite their offside comments or questions, those twelve year olds learned a very valuable life lesson. they had the opportunity to take part in a gender identity and equality workshop. at first i thought the topic may be a bit too deep for them or difficult for them to understand and more importantly appreciate. but they got it, they sooooooo got it. we did a reflection after the workshop and i asked the students to sum up their learning in one phrase, they collectively decided that "hate is easy, love takes courage" was the best phrase to describe their learning and i couldnt agree more.

xo laura

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