Friday, July 8, 2011

What? The pool deserves some TLC too

honestly i dont disappear on purpose. and whoever keeps anonymously msging me as to why im not posting you need to make yourself known, become a follower at least! otherwise im just going to think you're some crazy stalker, kthxbai.

soooooo really all ive been up to is this:

well that's a lie, ive also been busy doing this:

(not bad for pics taken w my BB camera)

no for cereal ive been up to my eyeballs in course work. the life of a teacher: taking courses over summer break. i also, like a crazy lady, decided to take on a part time nanny and im pretty sure the little girl needs therapy. im dead serious. that's a whole other post though.
for now i will continue to do my course work pool side, my tan is ridiculous and im loving it. tomorrow im hanging with my sammy bam and im sure we'll be in the pool, it's supposed to be sunny AND hot AGAIN!!!!
congratulations ontario, you finally got summer right for once :)



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