Monday, July 11, 2011


welcome to the view outside my apartment door. please try not to pay attention to the nasty ugly rugs or the colourful "art" on the left hand side of the picture. people, let's focus on the exposed brick wall, potential to be amazing floors, school pendent lighting and although you can't see it the 24 foot cream tin ceilings :)
i kind of want to take the brick wall and move it inside my apartment. im an inner unit therefore no exposed brick wall for me....but im kind of wondering what might be behind the sheetrock of my window wall...hmmmm

right, so now the ugly. wtf is this poeple? wtf!!!!!!!! my new neighbours have decided this piece of "art" works best right outside their apartment door, which if you didnt notice is marked with painter's tape for the number...TACKY. oh and those nasty floral green rugs TACKY!!!!

as you can see from the picture below this piece of "art" is higher than the door. i actually measured it after a series of rude emails from my superintendents, i used the measurement when i spoke to my joke of a landlord. it's 10 effing feet tall!!!!!! again, WTF. WTF and wait for it WTF.

if someone could explain to me why they need to keep this peice of shit, sorry art, right outside my front door with their 16731357654 nasty rugs then i will stop complaining.

i am forcing the landlord to come take a look. i told him i didnt move here so i could live beside a storage unit. and then i must have asked him 15 times who was going to vacuum those rugs that are literally 4 feet away from my door. im pretty sure he's had it with me as i bitched at him last month when my fridge broke. twice. in one week. and i had to throw out $250 worth of groceries. i basically want to light a small fire under this man's ass. and if you recall my fridge broke last july and i had to throw out groceries then too.

off i go to the library, to look at pretty rows of books instead of creepy, oversized "art". seriously people, seriously?!

effing neighbours.



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  1. Ha! That's why G's biggest stipulation at the last house was privacy... Not having to deal with crazy neighbors is heaven...

    Of course, at my new house I have gargoyles on my front porch, so maybe I amthe crazy neighbor? Although they are much further than 4 feet from thr closest occupant. ; )