Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From my point of view

i bet you're wondering what all the pictures of my feet are for? i just think it's interesting to capture what im looking at...you know from my point of view. and im loving me some china glaze flip flop party pink nail polish, BESTCOLOUREVER. my BB camera really doesnt do it justice.

that picture is from a recent concert i went to...i'll give you a few hints:

Im a LITTLE BITTY fan, and WHERE I COME FROM everyone has the best time on the CHATAHOOCHEE and he sings it best because he's my favourite ALL AMERICAN COUNTRY BOY. then we got ALL JACKED UP and i was more than happy to be surrounded by favourite REDNECK WOMAN and HOMEWRECKERS. i was very excited to hear them say WE'RE COMING TO YOUR CITY, they always give the best advice like SAVE A HORSE, RIDE A COWBOY and they know better than anyone else that us HILLBILLIES LIKE IT BEST IN THE HAY.

arent you glad i tortured you with reference to 3 country greats? any guesses?



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