Monday, October 11, 2010

Im kind of in love...with a staple gun

the above project is incredibly old. i for whatever reason forgot i did it and failed to post it back in august. one weekend, at my sister's house, i randomly recovered her office chair and made an ottoman out of a find from her garage. now at the time i was minorly annoyed to be tackling a project at 1am...apparently we dont know how to do things during normal awake hours, but i am glad i did, because they turned out fabulously. im also craving a project right now, but with so many responsibilities going on with school it's just not going to happen, i also have a lack of room issue for new projects at my current apartment. speaking of which, i have yet to take pictures of my finished surroundings. ive been getting a lot of compliments from visitors, which is comforting, because lets be serious, im not an interior designer but from all the oohing and aahing i can only assume ive done something nice. anywho enough rambling, here are the pictures, i think they speak for themselves.
***okay so i added the pics after the text and well nothing is cooperating, so look at the pictures from bottom to top for a full before and after, otherwise you'll get a after and before....either way, enjoy!***

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