Monday, October 18, 2010

rock this!

i recently helped to plan a fundraiser for local food banks in my univeristy town. we managed to talk a local bar owner is letting students from our program to be on a seperate guest list, essentially a "you can get in right away" deal. the catch was we all had to bring canned goods and pay a lower cover cost than others who publically attended the bar. others, who were not in our program, but still came out that night had to pay a higher cover cost. with all of the money collected we did a big canned goods grocery store trip, combined with the canned goods collected from the night we have successfully re-filled our local food banks.
we rocked the night. it's amazing what a group of people can accomplish. i want to thank everyone who came out in support and helped with the clean up and all of the festivities before hand. truly amazing people.
the above photo i took at my apartment, where we got the festivities started. that was a friendly punch in my direction, at my request. that fist represents a group of people who will be fighting for the rights of education and on that night the fist represented the helping hands who made eating dinner tonight a possibility for those less fortunate. it was such a good time, lots of loving, laughing and happiness.

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