Wednesday, October 20, 2010

where art thou photoshop?

i worked with what i had to edit the aboves pictures. they looked okay straight out of my baby buuutttt you know there is always room for improvement. i just want photoshop!!! too bad it costs an arm, a leg and my first born. le sigh.
oh well for now i will just enjoy what i have.
so i didnt plan on taking pictures of sammy bam, it just happened so please excuse his outfit. his cute faces makes up for it.


    the tickets I have are gone already but you can get your own tickets anytime , they are always looking for great audiences.
    I would have loved to have given you the ones I had Laura, sorry

  2. hey!

    I use iPhoto and's free so it's really easy and fun to use! I do have the paid version though..but the free version is pretty decent!

  3. thanks for the comment girly! the picts look great!


    Great post on photo editing.

    Take Care,