Thursday, October 14, 2010

smells like team spirit

the above photograph i took during an alumni varsity volleyball game at my univeristy's home coming
it was a surreal moment for the team and the on lookers.
right before the game started, they came together into a huddle, said a prayer and then put their feet together and moved their toes up and down. it was really cool to watch. it started off slow and steady and then got wild and crazy, the quiet huddle was over and those ladies had their game faces on. they played against the current varsity team and kicked ass.
im glad i captured "their" moment.


  1. Your photography skills are really blossoming. I'm proud of ya kid!

    Take care,

  2. thanks lisey!!!
    i feel like ive found my happy medium beyond scrapbooking. i think the photographer in me has always been there, but as an observer, now i whip that rebel out like it's nobody's business!